Globalscope member Common Ground hosts EDMD in Leuven, Belgium

Jan 31, 2019 12:19:00 PM

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On Friday 25 January, Koen Vanclooster and the team from Common Ground, welcomed fellow Globalscope family members to the one day event in Leuven, Belgium.

This first gathering of 2019 kicked off the New Year on a very strong note with record breaking participation. Host Koen Vanclooster stated, "It was a real honour hosting this European Deal Day in Leuven. With 20 independent firms being represented from all over Europe coming together, we had the opportunity to exchange ideas on more than 60 deal opportunities and set up bi-national deal teams, at the splendid Fourth - Tafelrond.” In additional to the stimulating entrepreneurial environment, Common Ground also arranged for Etienne de Callatay, (National Bank of Belgium, IMF, former chief economist of Bank Degroof) to lead a discussion on the Belgium economy. "It was a vibrant meeting full of opportunities for 35 attendees" remarked Head of Globalscope Europe, Michael Moritz. "We have seen a high deal flow in Europe at the beginning of 2019 and are confident that M&A activity will continue to be strong over the year" he added.

The Globalscope family members have been invited by Andrej Grubišić to come meet in Zagreb, Croatia where Grubišić & Partners will host the next EDMD on 21 June, 2019.

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